The start of a New Year is always the best time to review and re-evaluate; it is always a much quieter time for the brewers and distillers and we are certainly busy getting all of our maintenance and planning completed ahead of what we expect to be another busy year.

We have always been very aware of our environmental impact especially with regard to maximising our use of renewable energy, minimising our use of water and plastics, reusing and recycling, and keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. We are therefore delighted to say that we have now moved our electricity contract to Scottish Power who are set to become the first major UK energy company to switch to completely clean energy, replacing coal and gas with wind providing 100% renewable energy.

Here are some of the other ways that we try to be a little greener every day.

– In 2018, investing in a self-contained cooling system for our larger still, which has reduced our water consumption significantly.
– Sourcing and resourcing as local to the Distillery as possible and using lighter weight packaging, all contributing to our reduced carbon footprint.
– Re-using cardboard packaging and eventually recycling it locally once it becomes unusable thus reducing waste sent to landfill or energy recovery.
– Composting all of our spent botanicals, which means we get the benefit of amazing smelling compost to feed our growing selection of herbs and botanicals located at the Distillery.
– In 2019, replacing our Distillery lighting with a low energy LED alternative.

In consultation with our customers and suppliers we will continue to endeavour to minimise our environmental impact as we grow and develop in the years to come. Join us on the journey. #mixwithfreedom #greenenergy #caringfortheenvironment #scottishpower