Look What You Made Me Do!

I spent the weekend well and truly shaking off the cobwebs in the field with some of the exceptional soldiers from 101st (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery.

It’s always good to be back in the field but I am definitely feeling my age. Truly humbled by the enthusiasm and ability of our Volunteers who come Read More

What does D-Day mean to you?

From the perspective of the Western Allies, it was the beginning of the end and the establishment of a stable Europe from which we have all benefitted hugely over the last 75 years. The Soviet and Russian perspective is a little different.

From a personal perspective, our Grandparents were either fighting in other Theatres or in reserved occupations. We have no personal experience ofRead More

Certified Veteran Owned

At the end of last month, we were pleased as punch to receive our certification as a Veteran Owned Business from Scott Johnson at Veteran Owned UK.  Being a member of this fantastic organisation is an important part of the way in which Yorkshire Dales Distillery expresses its core values as a business.Read More

Stockist Spotlight – The Cheese Press, Richmond, North Yorkshire

About halfway between Richmondshire Cricket Club and the Georgian Theatre Royal (the oldest working Theatre in the land) and on the road leading from Richmond out towards the Yorkshire Dales and beyond, there lies a delightful establishment called The Cheese Press.

It was established in 2022 in one of Richmond’s oldest buildings by Amber Lee and Mark Howe and they certainly are passionate about cheese.Read More

Welcome to the Team

We have another welcome to make here at Yorkshire Dales Distillery.   Samantha is our newest recruit and another Veteran and Dependant!  Sam will be bringing a vast amount of experience with her as our new Sales Account Manager.

Sam started her career at the tender age of 17 years, joining the Royal Logistics Corps as a Chef.  Sam has had the opportunity to develop her skills and has spent time with the 23 Engineer Regiment, 5 SCOTS and The Royal Lancers – needless to say, we are super excited to see what culinary delights Sam will be bringing in for lunch (hopefully to share!!!).Read More

Yorkshire Heather, Gooseberries and Redcurrants

Yorkshire Heather, gooseberries, and redcurrants are all elements of the rich agricultural heritage of Yorkshire. Yorkshire Heather, also known as Ling Heather, is a type of flowering plant that is native to the moorlands of Yorkshire. It is known for its vibrant purple flowers and is often used in traditional herbal remedies.

Gooseberries, on the other hand, are small, tart berries that are commonly grown in Yorkshire. They are known for their unique flavour and are often used in desserts, jams, and pies. Yorkshire has a long history of gooseberry cultivation, with annual gooseberry shows and competitions being held in the region.
Read More

Crafting Spiced Rum in Yorkshire

In the heart of Yorkshire, a region known for its rich history and traditional craftsmanship, a small Distillery has been quietly perfecting the art of making spiced rum.  Nestled among rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, Yorkshire Dales Distillery has become a hidden gem for those seeking a unique and locally crafted spirit.

The journey of making spiced rum begins with the selection of high-quality sugar cane molasses. Yorkshire isn’t the best place in the world for growing sugar cane but the Caribbean’s fertile soil and climate provide the ideal conditions, making it a crucial ingredient for this exceptional rum. The molasses are carefully sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring the finest starting point for the distillation of the base rum.Read More

National Vodka Day

National Vodka Day is observed on October 4th each year and celebrates this popular distilled spirit. So, in honour of National Vodka Day, here are some interesting facts about Vodka’s origins and history:

  1. Origin: Vodka is believed to have originated in Eastern Europe, with both Russia and Poland claiming to be its birthplace. The word “vodka” is derived from the Slavic word “voda,” which means “water.”
  2. Early Production: The early production of vodka dates back to the 8th or 9th century, initially for medicinal purposes and later as a recreational beverage. It was made by distilling fermented grains or potatoes.Read More

The Adventures of Robert Prothero

The Adventures of Robert Prothero; a musing by Tony the Operations Director

With increasing frequency, I find the topic of despair in the current young generation is raised in conversation with much passion and, in my opinion, almost as much ignorance.Read More

UK Spirits Duty Increase; what’s in the price of a bottle?

August 2023 UK Spirits Duty Increase; what’s in the price of a bottle?

The airwaves have been somewhat quiet of late on the increase in Alcohol Duty which will come into force next week on Tuesday 1st August 2023.  With gin, vodka, whisky and rum, Spirits Duty is our concern and this has remained at £28.74 per litre of pure alcohol since before Yorkshire Dales Distillery starting trading in 2017.  In line with inflation, this will go up to £31.64.

What does this mean for a typical bottle?  In the UK, the standard currency is a 700ml or 70cl bottle on which you were paying £8.05 in Spirits Duty on a product at 40% abv.  This will go up to £8.86!  Once you add the associated VAT in, this in an increase from £9.66 to £10.63 tax paid directly to the Treasury on every single bottle.Read More

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