With apologies for the deluge of metaphors.

‘We gotta get outta this place’ I hear them cry. “But how?” you say. ‘With a little help from our friends’…obvs…’if it’s the last thing we ever do’.

But seriously, we are standing at a significant crossroads, it actually feels like a wickedly complicated motorway junction, and there is no clear way ahead. There are significant disadvantages to whichever path we choose.

We are fortunate. We have a selection of strong and wise leaders; political (of every persuasion and role), civic, religious, civilian, medical, emergency service, volunteer, military and business. Their decision making has enabled us to steady the ship, now we need to navigate the minefield.

That there are both pressing humanitarian and economic reasons for timely decision making regarding the course to be set to enable safe passage is unlikely to be helpful to those with the unenviable task of making these decisions. That many of us produce our best work under pressure is also unlikely to be much comfort.

Perhaps, Jeremy Bentham was correct “It is the greatest good to the greatest number of people which is the measure of right and wrong.”  In accepting this wisdom, many of us, including my family, friends, colleagues and business, will need to further accept that we might not end up on the right side of this equation.  I put my faith in our undoubtedly exceptional society (and a little help from my friends).







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