Exploring the World of Gin: An Introduction to Different Types of Gin

Gin Cocktails

Gin, a beloved spirit with a storied history, offers a diverse range of flavours and styles to suit every palate.

From classic London Dry Gin to contemporary craft variations, the world of gin is a playground for mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will take a closer look at the different types of gin, highlighting their unique characteristics and how they can be enjoyed in various gin cocktails.

1. London Dry Gin:

London Dry Gin is the quintessential style of gin and the benchmark for many other varieties. Despite its name, it can be produced anywhere, as long as it adheres to certain production regulations. London Dry Gin is known for its dry and juniper-forward profile, with a focus on botanical flavours. It is a versatile choice for gin cocktails like the classic Martini or the refreshing Gin and Tonic.

2. Plymouth Gin:

Plymouth Gin is a style of gin that originated in the English city of Plymouth. It has a rich history, with its distillery dating back to the early 19th century. Plymouth Gin is characterized by its slightly sweeter and earthier flavour profile, with a more pronounced botanical presence. This style of gin is an excellent choice for cocktails like the Negroni or a classic Tom Collins.

3. Old Tom Gin:

Old Tom Gin is a traditional style of gin that gained popularity in the 18th century. It is known for its sweeter profile, bridging the gap between the drier London Dry Gin and the more juniper-forward genever. Old Tom Gin is an essential ingredient in classic cocktails like the Martinez, a predecessor to the modern Martini, or the classic Tom Collins.

4. Genever:

Genever, often referred to as the “grandfather of gin,” has its origins in the Netherlands. It predates the development of London Dry Gin and has a distinct flavour profile. Genever is characterized by its malted grain base, resulting in a fuller and richer flavour compared to other types of gin. While less commonly used in gin cocktails, genever can be enjoyed neat or in traditional European cocktails like the Dutch version of the Gin and Tonic known as the “Gin-Tonic Jenever.”

5. Contemporary Craft Gins:

In recent years, the gin market has seen an explosion of craft distilleries producing innovative and unique gins. These contemporary craft gins push the boundaries of traditional gin styles, incorporating a wide array of botanicals, fruits, and spices. Craft gins offer a plethora of flavour

profiles, ranging from floral and herbaceous to citrus-forward or even barrel-aged varieties. These gins provide endless possibilities for creative gin cocktails, allowing mixologists to experiment with exciting combinations and flavours.


The world of gin is a diverse and exciting realm, offering a plethora of styles and flavours to suit every taste. From the classic London Dry Gin and the sweeter profiles of Plymouth Gin and Old Tom Gin to the historic genever and the contemporary craft gins, there is a gin for every occasion and cocktail preference. Whether you prefer a traditional Martini, a refreshing Gin and Tonic, or a creative concoction, exploring the different types of gin allows you to embark on a delightful journey of flavours and discover new dimensions of mixology. So, raise a glass and celebrate the versatility and artistry of gin in all its splendid variations. Cheers to the world of gin and the countless gin cocktails waiting to be enjoyed!

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