We have another welcome to make here at Yorkshire Dales Distillery.   Samantha is our newest recruit and another Veteran and Dependant!  Sam will be bringing a vast amount of experience with her as our new Sales Account Manager.

Sam started her career at the tender age of 17 years, joining the Royal Logistics Corps as a Chef.  Sam has had the opportunity to develop her skills and has spent time with the 23 Engineer Regiment, 5 SCOTS and The Royal Lancers – needless to say, we are super excited to see what culinary delights Sam will be bringing in for lunch (hopefully to share!!!).

Catering for the Olympic Games has to have been a real eye opener and a testament to her organisational skills.  Sam has also fought in a Regimental Boxing Night…….so we are most certainly keeping on her good side!

Leaving the Army in 2018 has allowed Sam to continue to support her Serving husband and look after her 2 fabulous young sons.  In her spare time (not that she has much), Sam loves to crochet and has made some amazing gifts.  If you fancy checking out her fantastic crochet products, have a look at her Facebook page @crochet4me – very impressive.