From the perspective of the Western Allies, it was the beginning of the end and the establishment of a stable Europe from which we have all benefitted hugely over the last 75 years. The Soviet and Russian perspective is a little different.

From a personal perspective, our Grandparents were either fighting in other Theatres or in reserved occupations. We have no personal experience of loss associated with D-Day or the subsequent fighting through Normandy, France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany.

But for the millions of children, parents, partners and friends of those who were lost on all sides this was the start of a lifetime of grief. It is easy to lose this perspective in the enormity of events and the formality of remembrance.

For me, I feel the fear and respect the courage of every person involved in these operations. When I run the timeline through my head, I’m with the 6th Battalion of our local Regiment, The Green Howards, and they had been through Dunkirk, North Africa and Italy before they started preparing for D-Day.

They were people, just like us, who gave everything that they had to give us everything that we have.